If you are eligible for Legal Aid we will be able to provide a legal advice and representation that is either partly or fully funded by public funds.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid means that the Cost of your case is paid by Public Funds. Legal Aid can help you, the client pay for Legal Advice or Representation in Court.

Who can Apply for Legal Aid?

Anyone can apply for Legal Aid but qualifying for Legal Aid is based on your financial position.

Are you Eligible?

Approval for Legal Aid is granted by the Legal Aid agency. If you would like to check your own eligibility please click the Legal Aid Calculator below. The calculator can be used to check eligibility only for Civil Cases. You can also contact us to discuss the eligibility criteria in more detail. Then an assessment can be undertaken to see if you are eligible.

More information about Legal Aid

For more information on Legal Aid please click

If you qualify for Legal Aid, you may still have to contribute some money towards the Legal cost of your case.

The Legal Aid Calculator  can be used to help you understand if you may be eligible for Legal Aid. You will be asked general questions about your legal problem and your financial situation. The public calculator can only be used for non-criminal cases ( Civil cases).

If you do NOT qualify for Legal Aid, we can still assist you in Legal proceedings. Contact us and we will discuss affordable and available  funding methods to deal with your case. 

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